The Plan

Living in the Northwest Territories, it is obvious to me that people are hurting. They are trying to do the right thing: to work hard and care for their families. But too often this is not enough. Too many are struggling to keep up with rising costs, while others are battling the realities of addictions and homelessness.

It is clear that the economic outlook for the Northwest Territories is far from stellar. Economic activity is flat-lining. There will be difficult decisions made in the next territorial budget, compounded by stagnant population growth.

I have designed a blueprint to address these challenges. We can transition to strong local economy by investing in clean energy jobs, building healthy communities, and supporting a responsible mining sector alongside small and local businesses. The transition to a strong local economy is not only about reducing our cost of living and building a sustainable economy; it is about improving to quality of life and protecting the land, air and water for families in Yellowknife North.

Getting our territory back on track requires new ideas and new energy. These challenges are real. But they are not insurmountable. Together, we can fight to build an economy that is built to last.

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