My Record on City Council

It's been an honour to serve as a Yellowknife City Councillor. I've been able to attend 69 out of 77 or 90% of all City Council meetings over the last three years. I've also had 100% attendance as Chair of the Community Energy Planning Committee. Here is some of what I've accomplished and stood for:

Growing a Sustainable Economy

Scrutinized city spending. The three city budgets I've supported have resulted in an average annual 1% tax increase:

  • 2013 = 0% (0.86 % increase proposed by administration)
  • 2014 = 3% (3.38 % increase proposed by administration)
  • 2015 = 0% (2.96 % increase proposed by administration)

Supported the development of an economic development strategy.

Supported the development of a tourism strategy.

Advocated for tiny homes

  • Voted in favour of cutting the red tape on tiny homes and secondary suites (removing minimum square footage requirements).
  • Collaborated with Etienne Croteau to bring forward a successful proposal to identify land for a future tiny home neighbourhood in Yellowknife.

Worked with the Blue Dot Tour, Ecology North, and Dene Nahjo to successfully pass a City of Yellowknife Declaration of Environmental Rights. This declaration ensures residents' rights to clean air, land water and safe food.

Supported 10 year lease agreements for a reduced rate to enable community gardens in Moyle Park and Trail's End.

Supported the development of 100 additional homes over four years in a neighbourhood adjacent to Kam Lake.

Supported incentives that led to 15 lots sold with record revenues in Engle Business District since the subdivision was first marketed in 2007.

Supported new transit routes and low floor buses for both YATS and regular transit buses.

Supported a city-wide organics curbside collection and centralized composting facility.

Supported improvements to customer service at city hall with:

  • Online permitting for development and buildings.
  • customer service training for all city staff.
  • Development of a "Click and Fix YK" app.
Building Healthy Communities

Put forward a successful motion for the City of Yellowknife to increase support as a funding partner for the downtown Day Shelter to assist persons vulnerable to homelessness.

Supported the completion of consultation, design and construction of Government Dock and Pilot's Monument improvements.

Brought forward a Snow Angel and Golden Shovel program to recognize community members who lend a helping hand to neighbours for whom shovelling snow presents a challenge due to mobility issues.

Supported the establishment of the Community Advisory Board on Homelessness - which enabled Hope's Haven, a Side Door Housing First project for youth in downtown Yellowknife.

Supported safer lighting improvements along the Frame Lake Trail and the Niven Lake Trail tie-in to 49th Ave.

Supported a proposal in 2012 to develop trails on Twin Pine Hill (was ultimately defeated).

Proposed rezoning of portions of Tin Can Hill from 'growth management' to 'Parks and Recreation' for protection from development.

Stood up for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists along Highway 4, between Niven Gate and downtown Yellowknife:

  • Added the investigation of a transfer of Highway 4 from the territorial government to the City of Yellowknife as a goal and objective of Yellowknife City Council in 2013.
  • Raised the issue of safety for pedestrians and cyclists along Highway 4 during a City Council/MLA meeting in October 2013.
  • Put forward a motion that was unanimously supported by Yellowknife City Council to direct staff to work with the Department of Transportation and develop options to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists along highway 4, and return to City Council with recommendations, in March 2015.

Commitment to affordable housing:

  • Voted in favour of a partnership agreement with Habitat for Humanity NWT for a 10-year period with opportunity to construct a single-family or duplex dwelling approximately every two years.
  • Supported a new framework for cutting red tape on in-home and detached secondary suites.
Creating Clean Energy Jobs

As the Chair of the Community Energy Planning Committee I've led many initiatives to take action not only on high heating and power invoices, but climate change. Here are some examples:

Announced that the City of Yellowknife saved its millionth litre of oil in 2014.

Achieved two significant goals of the 2004-2014 Community Energy Plan by reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

  • 20 per cent in city operations
  • 6 per cent in the community

Collaborated on a joint-partnership with Northland Utilities to accelerate the retrofit Yellowknife streetlights to LEDs, saving taxpayers over $75,000 annually. When completed in 2016, this project will save enough electricity to power 108 homes for an entire year.

Put forward a successful proposal to City Council to purchase a wood pellet boiler to take the place of an oil fired boiler to heat Yellowknife's drinking water in the winter and prevent it from freezing while circulating. This project received $150,000 in external funding from the federal and territorial governments.

Brought forward energy-saving retrofits to exterior LED lighting for City Hall, the Baling Facility, Ruth Inch Memorial Pool, Yellowknife Arena and the Curling Club.

Evaluated the legislative changes required to permit innovative financing mechanisms for green energy retrofits.

Brought forward clean energy generation projects by installing solar panels at the baling facility and the fieldhouse.

Fought successfully to have funding for the Community Energy Plan renewal reinstated.

My Plan

Getting our territory back on track requires new ideas and new energy. These challenges are real. But they are not insurmountable. Together, we can fight to build an economy that is built to last.

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